Trigano Samoa 280 & 390

Trigano Porch Sizes :

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Trigano Samoa 280 & 390

The new Trigano Samoa has two sizes, the Samoa 280 and the Samoa 390. The new Samoa replaces the current very successful Luna range and is designed using ultra-resistant fabric: Polyester 300D RIPSTOP, hydrostatic head 5000 mm which has been carefully selected for its exceptional qualities that make it extremely resistant during use.

The term "Oxford" indicates that the fabric is protected against tearing thanks to the use of RIPSTOP technology: a thicker yarn tram is added to reinforce the polyester structure and avoid ripping. It is covered with a thick coating (Hydrostatic head 5000 mm) rendering it perfectly watertight during storms. The yarn used in its manufacture is particularly thick (300 denier) and perfect

Easy Inflation

Ths Samoa is quick and easy to inflate thanks to the inflation valves located outside the awning offering fast and easy access and use.

So how does it work?

The usual frame elements of an awning are replaced by inflatable arches connected to the awning fabric. These inflatable structures offer high wear resistance and negligible air porosity and a high level of protection against punctures. Each arch is inflated independently and may be easily replaced if necessary.


Impossible to do it quicker and easier! It takes just a few pumps to inflate each of the inner-tubes (recommended pressure: 0.34 bar) and the awning quickly takes shape.

The Samoa includes two rear telescopic poles in order to guarantee a perfect contact between the awning and caravan walls and has extra optional roof lining.